Business for pensioners

Before we talk about what kind of business is suitable for pensioners, and what not, you must consider the following two factors: life position of the pensioner and his advantage over the younger generation.

Life position of the human with retirement is divided into two types: active and passive.

Business for pensioners
Business for pensioners

Basically pensioners lead a quiet and measured life: someone is engaged in the small garden , someone provide financial support for children, and someone is trying to survive on a pension. But a lot of pensioners and those who lead an active lifestyle, trying to prove to their children and the state that they are not dependents. For the latter, as a rule, almost any kind of small business will be on the shoulder: they are interesting to find out for something new, meet new people in the business and they fully give themselves to the work.

The advantage of the pensioners — entrepreneurs over the young entrepreneurs is:

— Full return themselves to work, in contrast to the young, which in addition to the business activities, necessary to establish the personal life, additional education, as well as periodically to rest in entertainment establishments;
— Life experience, which is certainly a major advantage in working with people and business communication;
Note the following types of business activities that are not exactly suited to pensioners: insurance and stock-investment business. To these two types of activities devoted a lot of disciplines, which, in contrast to the commercial activities required in the conduct of such business.

To all other types of small businesses need to look closer .

Manufacturing small business.

In Soviet times, all students after graduation were sent to work in factories and enterprises. Until the time of restructuring almost every worked in good faith — did not complain on the salary. This long-term experience can be used to pensioners and small businesses:

— Manufacture of corrugated packaging: this is a very profitable business, as it is used not only in the chemical and food industries, but also manufacturers of office equipment, household appliances, automotive parts for transport and storage of goods in a warehouse;

— For joiners good income will come from such a business as manufacturer of wooden furniture, according to customer requirements. Wooden furniture clearly underlines the status of master of the house;

— Today’s youth when choosing a product for the most part governed by its originality, so making soap on the order is also very good business for the pensioner;

— Production of mosaic tiles, which today are the decor of all finishing materials;

— For women of retirement age, too, there is a niche in the industrial market: knitting clothes on the order.
In general, small business manufacturing base for most of the pensioners, except for the manufacture of such product groups where you have to exert much effort or substantial financial resources for the automatic production of goods (for example, the production of forged furniture or windows).

Small business in agriculture.

This is also one of the most popular types of business activities in which many pensioners feel «like a fish in water.» However, the Civil Code provides that private farms have any of grounds for legal existence. Therefore, the organizational development of the small business must be based on agricultural associations, cooperatives and societies. Make some of the ideas for the future development of small businesses in the agricultural sector:
— Breeding Californian worms: they allow for a year at least 500-fold reproduction, through them receive organic fertilizer such as vermicompost. Grown on biohumus vegetables are clean and the price and the demand is much higher than those which grown on mineral fertilizers;

— Growing of flowers with colorful petals with natural dyes (example, the Dutch company Happy Roses, who around the world sells chrysanthemums and roses with multicolored petals).

Business in agriculture has always had a margin above the average for the whole market. Therefore, for seniors this kind of small business is not only profitable, but also «for the soul»: fresh air and no hassles.


The most suitable product for pensioners — businessmen will be those, which take a stable position in the market and do not change its priority over other commodities over the time. That is, for example, open a salon of clothes for young retirees makes no sense, you need to know all popular subculture, new trends in fashion today. So it is with the sale of music CDs, DVD-movies, household and office equipment of the latest technologies.

To pensioners — businessmen best to offer the following product categories:

— Food: if the pensioner resides in his hometown, he over the years knows almost all residential areas and recreation areas, so it will be easier to determine the winning place for a potential customer.

— Haberdashery, stationery, tableware, home textiles, yarn: here at the opening of small businesses need to buy all the necessary business equipment and furniture, as well as to use the services of merchandisers, as in this category of goods is important visual attraction of buyers.

Scope of services.

This type of small business will be beneficial for those pensioners who have considerable experience in any activity. For example, advice on home cooking and delicious food, home care. A nice way to learn how to operate with a computer (enough to have basic skills: working with office applications and the Internet), to create a website (buy or ask for help ) and to share information with people (to obtain incentives, subsidies, and other useful information from your personal experience). This information will be of interest to people, and you could get good profit from websites (to be exact — on advertising on your site).

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