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  1. Another 5k in Paradise. •• •• •• Sponsored Athlete: Paradise Fitness Center, IConnect, Fit For You Guam, SPPC, DNA Inc., Calvo's SelectCare, Jack Peters & Company, Tumon Medical Office, JMI-Edison, SignMakers Guam

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  1. GUYS!!!! THIS IS MY LAST SHOCKWAVE CLASS EVER!!!!! And since it will be my last class ever, I'm going to be doing it with YOU!!! Can you beat my rowing times?!?!? I would love to have as many people as possible and I bring my best for last class. Come get your sweat on and experience the high intensity that I bring to every class!!! See you guys there!!!!#sweat #bestself #downtown #24HourFitness #PersonalTraier

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  1. One minute you're world is a comfortable little bubble and you're eating a #dymatize protein bar at your silly little job at 4am AND then the next minute your world explodes and you're lying on your bed completely exhausted and there's a MASSIVE #BODYBUILDINGCOM check sitting on your floor! A dream to reality come true and I can barely keep my eyes open 😂😂😂😴😪😪😜 * * I've watched other transformation winners with wonder...and wondered how are they so mellow and calm? TBH nothing can prepare you for something like this. I literally envisioned this day for 4 months every day during my cardio sessions and I played out how I would feel and react and it's INSANE cuz all logic for me went right out the window when it became REAL. Actualization is not something you experience often. * * There's so many transformations like mine. You guys and gals put it in the work. We don't have control of certain parts of the outcome BUT we do have control over our own journey. Please celebrate yourselves. Celebrate life. Celebrate your relationships. Hold tight to your before and after pictures, those are the REAL legacy we have left and will inspire many and there are new transformations to create both within ourselves and with others who are ready to go for it... * * I have 100s of msgs and missed calls and texts and love and support. I love you all. I'm feeling rocked right now but with time I'll be able to respond to all of you. * * Had a blast with the @transformforlife team today. They are an amazing group and family to finally meet up with face to face. @bodybuildingcom and @optimumnutrition I'm literally forever transformed and will do all I can to represent the process. I'm floored and honored by this opportunity to represent you as one of your winners. I have so much to share and so many to appreciate...lots of GEELOVE for y'all! #250kchallenge #bodybuildingcom #optimumnutrition #transformforlife #transform #bestself #strongdad #fitdad #dadbod #iifym #STILLINIT #vasa #vasome @vasafitness

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  1. I used to really struggle with push-ups and dreaded them in my workouts. Over the last 15 months, I've followed programs created by both @jesshilgenberg and @fitlikeflint and that has increased my knowledge, strength and ability to do so much more than ever before. Now I can do push-ups without struggling and even enjoy them!👊🏻 Finding a program you love can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your workouts! ❤️ . . #battlebody #warrior #fitlikeflint #fitness #fitmom #noexcuses #healthylife #gymtime #momswholift #momswithmuscles #chickswholift #rhinofitness #iifym #macronerd #flexibledieting #gymrat #bodybuildingcom #bestself #relentless #jessiesgirls #screwthescale

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  1. 💪🏼Happy Flex Friday, fam!💪🏼 *Fit Tip Friday - Post Show Rebound* You just finished up a show & now your body is THIRSTY & hungry. And you know a competitor is hungry too from being on a strict diet for oh so long & can now EAT. But, the body is in a fragile state, it’s going to react much differently to food & water intake than it normally would & for days! This is when we hear about the dreaded post show “rebound”. Remember: · Because of show dehydration, the body will hold onto water now 👉🏻 wt goes up · Post show indulgences; 1. Very high calorie intake usually - body was used to much lower & smaller portioned meals, 2. High in sodium as well 👉🏻 + dehydration + drinking tons of water again = heavy water retention 👉🏻 wt goes up Rebound also happens because many competitors continue to indulge for DAYS. Post show is when our metabolism is slow. The high intake, although it may be back to “normal” calories, is too much for the body, it isn’t utilized efficiently & likely gets stored as fat. The few weeks post show are the most crucial to monitor food – most susceptible time for competitors to put on fat gains. The metabolism needs to be restored: · Do fasted cardio the morning after your show & dinner indulgences · Slowly increase kcals over some weeks · Do not stop your cardio & training regimen. Continue as you were because this is what your body has adapted to, then gradually decrease cardio & adapt training · Drink lots of water to flush the body - I also stay on my @rivalus BCAAs + ACV + Glutamine game combo as pictured for fasted cardio & post training recovery 👌🏼 · I recommend keeping “cheat meals” to 1x/week at this time, or implement IIFYM. Putting weight back on post show is inevitable, but how much & how quickly is what we need to be mindful of. Reverse dieting is also beneficial for both competitors and non-competitors (ppl who have been in a caloric deficit for so long) to help restore the metabolism. Just some friendly tips to help all my fellow crazy dieters & competitors to stay well! 😜💛