2 1 24-04-2017
  1. Depression vs. positive How can someone who is depressed or clinically depressed try to even begin being positive? I was diagnosed with depression at 11 years old. And I started my first antidepressant at 12 years old. Just think I was still a child. Child dealing with the weight of depression and not able to understand why or how I feel. Even then, individuals would tell me to cheer up or be happy. BUT HOW? Everything to me was sad and awful. I was made fun of every day about different things. All I wanted to do was not exist... AT 12. Many individuals I know have depression or anxiety. I have been on medication for 11 years. To try and make me feel better about myself. How do I stay positive? Good question I don't. I pretend to be positive around certain individuals however, It is a work in progress. I feel when I am positive and excited about life or something, it gets shut down which makes me emotional because I was happy.... THAT needs to stop. Exactly what my pastor said yesterday. STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF!! Those words may seem hard to handle. Trust me I've cried over individuals telling me that. But now, it makes sense. I am not joyful because I have been hindering my own joy and happiness. By dwelling and complaining and thinking of the would've, could've, should've beens. I have been looking for a reason to be miserable and looking for a reason to be stressed. How do you become POSITIVE when your depressed? You stop letting everyone and everything control you. You get up and smile. Smile and tell your self that YOU WILL BE HAPPY TODAY. For some individuals that have worse situations this could be hard. However, you shouldn't just give up. You should try and have the life you want to have. But what do I know? I am only a person. A person trying to better her life. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. Try smiling. If you do anything today please SMILE. #life #depressed #depression #anxiety #worry #temptations #joy #happy #loveyourself #positivity #postive #health #wellness #mentalhealth #stateofmind