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  1. When I struggle with recovery or just feeling down, I have learned to be good to myself and change my self-talk. Our self-talk really makes or breaks how we feel for the day. When we jump on the bandwagon of "Yeah we suck right now", we are not helping ourselves to come out of that mood or thinking. Start telling yourself how truly badass you are because you are always paying attention to those inner thoughts that we don't think anyone hears. You are always listening, along with the universe.

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  1. 12 steps to rid yourself of #overthinking The fiercest addiction most of us have is an addiction to thought. It's become hard for us to just shut off our thought process for a bit and remain present enough to enjoy life as it is right now. I encourage you to use any (or all) of these methods and see if it brings some relief. There is great ecstasy in slowing down and enjoying your day without thinking too much about the past or future. ⚡️ #Repost @prasadmahes #12 #stopit #letitgo #perspective #acceptance #bteathe #surrender #happensforareason #giveitaway #takeaction #gratitude #seekadvice #passion #youareblessed #whatdoyoustandfor