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  1. REST God gives us Rest as we come to Jesus Christ and believe... Unsurpassing " Rest " is one of the richest rewards for the Christians who put their trust in God. One of the greatest works in a Christian's life is the place of perfect rest that the Lord Jesus Christ establishes in a person's heart. In the past, when we tried to address or resolve any major situation under our own abilities, we were easily overwhelmed by stress and the hardship, because we had to labor alone, under our own human strength and limited understanding. Sometimes we even labored in vain for the wrong things. However, now as Christians, God's voice gives us direction, so that when we purpose to do a particular work, it will not be in vain because He will give us wisdom on How to do something correctly, and that within itself will bring us rest. #thechurchofjesuschristthehealerbahrain #cjc_bahrain #jesus #jesuschrist #jesustakethewheel #god #godisgreat #godisgood #godislove #almighty #majesty #loveoneanother #holyspirit #holy #holyghost #mylord