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  1. ✨LAST CALL✨ I'm looking for 2️⃣ more people (men and women) who are ready to tackle one of the most challenging programs I've ever tried. Are YOU ready to make the SHIFT!?!? On July 31st Dave and I are going to be making a test group for the newest Beachbody program, Shift Shop and we're looking for people who are ready to go ALL IN! So what do you get for joining us?? ▪️Access to our private accountability/support group for Shift Shop ONLY ▪️The Shift Shop workouts and meal plans▪️Me as your private coach. We will be setting up time to chat so I can help you through your struggles ▪️30 day supply of Shakeology 😋 my favorite super food shake in whichever flavor you want ▪️ADDED BONUS when you've finished Shift Shop you can still be in my on going challenge group for support and either continue this program or choose a new one at no additional cost. Rock this program with us for a chance to win $500-$100,000 in our Beachbody Challenge Comment below or message me for more info. Prep week starts the 24th!!

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  1. If before it was bad now comes the new version but bad 🕶️❣️ #jw #jwboy #jwstyle #style #bad #goodaftrnoon #believeinyourself #purpose #baby #stop #fantastic #yo