60 3 23-05-2017
  1. #postworkout you are more than the choices that you've made. you are more than the sum of your past mistakes. you are more than the problems you create. you've been remade. ------------------------------------------------ my prayer is that you've looked in the mirror today and smiled at the person that is looking back at you because you are worthy. you are loved. you are forgiven. and you are beautiful. 😘

70 4 22-05-2017
  1. "The ocean taught her to love. 🌊 and to let go" - @markanthonypoet 🌸🍃🌅 I'll be leading two hatha yoga classes this week centered around letting go, and letting be... completely surrendering to the present moment. It is only in this moment where life truly exist, all we ever truly have. Join me tonight at 6:00 and Saturday 11:30 @yogalofttampa 🙏🏻 #namaste - p.s. Only a few days left to take part in the down dog days of summer! Purchase unlimited classes for the month of June for $30 when you sign up in May!