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  1. Hey #makeupjunkies let's talk about some #makeup that I did NOT like at all! And that is the NEW #bhcosmetics #highlighter palette they just came out with. They came out with two; a backlight one and the spotlight one which is the one I picked up. I really wanted to love this product when I first opened it I fell in love, BUT their was an OVERWHELMING SMELL. A CHEMICAL SMELL. I know ALOT of people were complaining that the #kyliecosmetics #royalpeachpalette smelled, personally mine did, BUT THIS PALETTE! Oh god! It's the packaging I'm sure but the actual product doesn't seem to smell, but the palette does. When I swatched it one my hand, it went on perfectly. There is no glitter, they are creamy, and have amazing pigmentation, besides the smell, is the fact that it seriously makes EVERY PIMPLE, wrinkles, just everything stand out! Any texture on your skin WILL SHOW! and I mean EVERYTHING! If you can get past the smell and have no texture to your skin, well baby this palette is for you. Pigmentation is on point, no glitter check, out of this world #glow check, but the smell and the exemplifying texture I do not like! I'm sorry you guys know I LOVE BH but this is a #fail for me 👎🏽 #newmakeup #ilovemakeup #wakeupandmakeup #makeuplover #makeupmafia #makeupaddict #makeupgeek #makeupjunkie #makeupartist #makeuphaul #makeupdolls #affordable #affordablemakeup #crueltyfree #crueltyfreecosmetics #beauty

1 0 25-03-2017