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  1. #Mood H E A L I N G ☥ It's challenging for me to let others in and when I do; I let go, become transparent and most of all I trust you. I protect you, you protect me, you love me and I love you more.🖤 But it's been rough for ya girl as of lately. A few people (yep more than one) whom I let in have broken my heart into many pieces in less than 60 days and that's a lot to digest, even for a tough cookie like me.💔 So when my son said, "mom, let's take a trip to AZ," it's exactly what I need. The desert has always been my healing place.↞↞ It's time to get quiet, forgive, heal and rejuvenate while surrounded by close friends and family. Don't worry, I'll be back softer (lathered in coconut oil with a tan) and stronger than before as I prepare to launch @eatliveplayla in July. Catch me on my snap and my IG stories here and there. Til then, be easy, friends. Forever, Della💋 #inspiration #spirit #az #healing #peace #love #forgiveness #tribe #wildheart #unbreakable

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