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  1. Sometimes I hear "R+F is too expensive for my budget", as folks close their bathroom drawer containing a dozen partially-used bottles of products that "didn't really work." In the business world, that's what we refer to as a "Sunk Cost." Let's break it down.. "expensive" is relative. To me, a co-pay at the dermatologist + a Rx without a guarantee + weeks of trial and error to find the right product is expensive. And also, non-refundable. We are North America's #1 Premium Skincare Brand ... for a couple of really solid reasons: 1) our goods are clinically proven to WORK 2) no need for a prescription 3) a 60-day, money-back guarantee It boils down to priority, and shouldn't your face kind of be up there on the list of "things worth the investment"? You'll buy an expensive purse, fancy shoes, get your nails done multiple times per month, so why is your face (your greatest billboard) coming in at the bottom of your priority list? I'm glad I made my skin a priority! You will be too! #preach #investinyourskin #worthit