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539 39 25-03-2017
  1. Your journey has always been about you overcoming it—daily. Go hard. Stay light. 👈🏾 ✌🏾💓

1666 46 24-03-2017
  1. //✔️Reminder// Clear your path. Keep moving forward. Stay focused. Shine deep from within. Be happy. Life is great. God is good. 😀😌😉🙏🏾✨🦋🦄🙋🏾

1271 24 23-03-2017
  1. Take control of your day. Positively guide your steps. //💪🏾💆🏾💭🙏🏾✨✔️//

1158 29 22-03-2017
  1. Ego will have people reading your friendly and good energy all wrong if they let it. May you attract the type people who respect and honor your energy.✨✔️ And for anyone who tends to read energy/s wrong, keep in mind that the higher you vibrate, the less your ego will deceive you—and the more accurate your people and energy–reading skills will become. All this helps to not self-sabotage otherwise—good, healthy, high vibrational friendships, and maybe even potential opportunities. Lastly, if you're experiencing a situation where your energy is continually being perceived wrong—and not being honored, really evaluate whether you need to spend your energy in that space, or move on to make room for who and what will. //✨✔️✨//

1425 40 20-03-2017
  1. Happy Spring Equinox //🦋// You've made it through your 'winter'! 🙌🏾 Set your intentions. Use this power season for what it's for. Bloom—like and with—the rest of nature. 🌻🌳🌿

670 35 20-03-2017
  1. @blackgirlinom: We're excited to release the first installment of a new #SelfCareSunday series— 'Black Girl In Om's Wellness Tribe's Tips for Self-Care'! Hear more from self-love author @anisahhamat, holistic practitioner @lalahdelia, beauty and skincare writer @sdirshe, and vegan chef @sweetpotatosoul via the #linkinbio ✌🏾 Tag your sisterfriends who may need a soul boost today! ~•~ Thank you for featuring me in your first #SelfCareSunday series @blackgirlinom. Honored to chat with @hellolaurenash about my self-care routine. Always a pleasure spreading wellness with you my sister friends. 💓🌿🦋🤗🦄

1060 38 19-03-2017
  1. Breakthrough the uncomfortableness—that's only way way through. The uncomfortable moments grow you deep, develop you, and expand your consciousness, light, and frequency. // 💆🏾✨🌀//